Peoples Under Threat Ranking:

Communities at risk

Balanta, Fula (Fulani), Manjaco, Mandinga, Papel, Ejamat (Felupe), Jola (Diola), Susu, Cape Verdeans


Peoples Under Threat Data

2021 Data Peoples under Threat value
Self-determination conflictsNo data
Major armed conflictNo data
Prior genocide / politicideNo data
Flight of refugees and IDPs0.0022
Legacy of vengeance - group grievance4.3
Rise of factionalized elites9.6
Voice and Accountability-0.471
Political Stability-0.598
Rule of Law-1.365
OECD country risk classification7

The overall measure for each country is based on a basket of 10 indicators. The number in each row is drawn from the source for that particular indicator. The sources of data and calculations used are detailed on the Notes to Table page.