The Peoples under Threat index identifies those countries around the world where communities face the greatest risk of genocide, mass killing or systematic violent repression. This year’s edition illustrates how, in various ways and to different degrees, authoritarian politics is playing a detrimental role in societies struggling with division, conflict and violence.

Based on current indicators from authoritative sources, Peoples under Threat has been compiled every year since 2005 to provide early warning of potential future mass atrocities.

In many parts of the world, wide-ranging atrocities and other human rights abuses continue to occur, threatening especially those who are considered political opponents, members of minority groups and indigenous peoples. The rise of authoritarianism across the globe in recent years has direct impacts in contexts where genocide, mass killing or systematic violent repression have occurred or there is a risk of such actions taking place.

Read the full press release for the 2021 data and download the Peoples under Threat 2021 briefing for a detailed explanation of how Peoples under Threat is calculated.

Visit minorityrights.org to find out more about Minority Rights Group International, which publishes Peoples under Threat.

Peoples under Threat is funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). An earlier phase of the project was supported by the European Union.

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